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New Unit Is 40% More Powerful!

New “High-Density”
Pocket-Sized Solar Generator

Keeps Your Family Alive
 In Any Crisis!

Technology Breakthrough Offers
“Low Cost” Way To Get Off-The-Grid

Become More Self-Reliant

Dear Friend,

Please take a moment to read the "red" headline above one more time. Don't laugh – a headline describing a dangerous power outage or blackout could appear in your local news. It happens every day.

The truth is, no matter how prepared for a power outage you are... no matter how many flashlights you have around the house... and no matter how many water filters you have or even how much food you have stored up...

You Are Not Prepared For The Extreme
“Fall-Out” Of A Prolonged Power Loss!

Forget about how calm society seems to look to you now – dinner at Applebee’s after shopping at the mall, a quick trip to the grocery store after work, dropping the kids off for practice – all that - when it comes to the carnage and chaos that can result from even a few days without power... our entire nation will be back to the 1800s in the twinkling of an eye.  (Without the moral fiber those folks had, of course.)

Here’s the problem: Only a small group of people, besides yourself, are ever going to even see this website.  That’s because most Americans think being prepared for power outages is pretty much a waste of time and energy... no pun intended. Seriously, most Americans think the government will be there to save them if things ever do get bad.

That means if you are reading this... you’re already on the “short list” of some very special and highly-qualified people who see trouble ahead and see the need for at least some type of backup power preparation.

Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong
About The U.S. Power Grid

The American power grid is dangerously outdated. It relies on old technology and parts – many of which aren’t even made in the U.S. any more.  News of the dangers associated with our grid is becoming a little more common, though. For example, recently the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about our power grid’s vulnerability. Here’s the headline... right on the front page!

Even the publications like the Wall Street Journal are now warning Americans about the power grid.

Even the publications like the Wall Street Journal are now warning Americans about the power grid.

But even with stern warnings like that... most Americans will do absolutely nothing. And, most people don’t even want to know anything about it. It’s the “bury your head in the sand” strategy.  A dangerous strategy, that’s for sure. The truth is, if the American public knew just how vulnerable our power grid really is and if they knew that America could literally plunge into long-term darkness in a moment’s notice...

It Would Cause An Incredible Panic
Across The Country!

It really is a scary thought. After all, most of us feel helpless when the power goes out for even short periods of time. Imagine what life would be like in America if something big ever did happen to our power grid. (Like an EMP attack, for example.)

The country would go full “Road Warrior” in a matter of days and every household would have to come up with a way to generate their own supply of electricity just to survive. But is that likely? Could ordinary people really generate their own electricity, creating their own micro-grids in a survival scenario?   Doesn’t seem likely, does it? We’re just not there yet... I mean technologically. Well, I didn’t think so either...

Until now.

Hi, Chip McDaniels here with some absolutely amazing and exciting news.

Let me explain:

For the last three years, I have been on a frantic search (literally scouring the globe) looking for an affordable way for average Americans to get prepared for dangerous power outages and blackouts. Even more, I’ve been looking for a way for average folks to generate their own backup-electricity in the event of all kinds of power emergencies, short term and long.  And to be quite frank...

It Has Been Extremely Frustrating!

Don't get me wrong. In my research and development, I’ve come across some pretty cool stuff. But no matter what the backup power claims are... if the solar generator is light and small... it's underpowered. Or, if the solar generator is powerful, it's way too heavy and bulky to be practical.  What I’m saying is...

There’s Never Been A Product That Can Help Ordinary People Produce An Endless Supply Of Backup Electricity... UNTIL NOW!

Here’s the story: Recently, due to a revolutionary new battery technology (which I'll discuss in a bit), I developed my own personal, “mobile” solar backup power generating system that does everything I need it to do. It's called the...

Pocket Power X

This device is truly amazing and very cool because of all the things you can do with it. So much so... I’ve asked Rich from Off The Grid News to tell you about some of them. Check out just a few of the ways the PPX can come to the rescue in an emergency or help you become more self-reliant and get off the grid if you need to.

Watch The PPX “Rescue Device” In Action!


Inflating A Tire




Charging A Laptop


Cauterizing A Wound


Power Tools


Working Off-Grid When The Power Goes Out


Jump Start A Car


Fast-Charge Solar Solution


Communicate During An Emergency

Here’s what makes this device such a breakthrough:

First of all, it's truly compact. The unit is just a little larger than a smart phone. Throw it in your pocket, purse, bug-out bag or glove compartment and have emergency backup power whenever you need it.

Second, it's truly powerful. Here's a real life example: A local contractor (and friend) named Bud has a big Ford F350 dually truck. He left the lights on overnight and the next day he had a dead battery.

Actually TWO dead batteries. (Diesels of this size have 2 – 12-volt batteries.)

Anyway, he couldn’t get his truck started with the battery charger he had in his garage... and besides, they take too long to charge anything up.

So, even though he knew it would be a long shot, he grabbed his Pocket Power X, hooked up the cables, and it fired right up.

If you know anything about trucks like this, this is quite a feat!

Third, it's truly versatile. With our 110 Mobile you can now power nearly any 110-volt household device! Just plug in like you would to a regular wall outlet... anywhere... anytime. It's a real development in personal micro-grid technology.

Run computers, tablets, small fans, power tools... almost any household device... using the same breakthrough technology that allows you to jump-start up to 50 cars on a single Pocket Power X charge.

It's pretty amazing.

Fourth, it's truly portable. The unit comes in a handy carrying case that contains everything you need, zips up completely... and... all told, weighs just over one pound.

These four things--truly compact, truly powerful, truly versatile and truly portable--were the main criteria I was looking for.  But the Pocket Power X not only met that criteria, it exceeded my expectations more than I ever could've imagined.

Here's what makes this device the most amazing personal, portable backup power system ever developed:

  • It will charge ALL your electronic devices.  (With 90% adapter market coverage, there's almost no popular electronic gadget this device won't be compatible with.  On top of that, there are also 2 USB charging ports for extra compatibility insurance! And with the new 110 Mobile you can charge or run any 110-volt device, just plug-in like you would at home.)

  • It will run ALL your electronic devices, too! (For example, you can run: An iPad for up to 18 hours. A Kindle for up to 32 hours. An iPhone for up to 64 hours. An iPod for up to 150 hours. Or, you can even use it to DOUBLE your laptop's battery run time!)

  • The unit is small and can literally fit in your shirt or pants pocket!  (Or, you can put it in its handy carrying case--with all the accessories you will ever need--and throw it in your luggage, travel bag, purse, backpack, etc.)

  • You can jump-start nearly any vehicle with the included jumper cables!  (We've started a car, truck, motorcycle... even... a bus!  Not just once, either.  A single charge will jump-start a car about 50 times!)

  • It's a perfect backup power device for camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, picnicking, boating, motorcycling, beach activities, trips to remote locations and more.  (It's also great for business travelers... on the ground or in the air.)
  • When plugged into a standard wall outlet, the Pocket Power X charges in about 3 hours. It can also be charged by your automobile with the included 12-volt USB connection. (Depending on conditions, a full charge can last up to 12 months!)

  • The Pocket Power X provides peace of mind when you add it to your vehicle's emergency kit!  (It has a simple, single ON/OFF control and a built-in flashlight which can be used normally... or... in an emergency, it becomes a flashing strobe light. It even has an SOS distress call mode which could be especially handy for boaters!)
  • It's nearly bulletproof electrically! (All of the Pocket Power X connections are reverse-polarity protected and the automatic charge control will not allow it to over-charge or over-discharge.  Further, the battery is fuse-protected from over-current.)
  • It's a true solar generator system so you can charge it literally anywhere in the world. Seamless solar-ready technology makes it easy to "point, plug and power up" your unit with the included bonus super-panel. 
  • The thermo-formed case is weather-resistant and even floats. Never worry about dropping it in a puddle or getting caught out in the rain!
  • And much, much more!

Pretty amazing, don't you agree? 

Best Part: It's Just Over 1 Pound And
Can Fit In Your Shirt Or Pants Pocket

Don't let a power outage disrupt your reading routine.

Jumpstart your lawnmower in 'hard to get to' places.

Stay connected no matter what, wherever you are.

Jumpstart 4-wheelers no matter where you are.

"Threw clay birds all afternoon and only used 3 percent of the battery."

The compact and lightweight PPX provides all the light campers and hikers will ever need.

The PocketPowerX makes it easy
 to charge all your devices.

Plenty of silent backup power in your deer blind.

Inflate footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs
 in seconds with the optional Pocket Air Pro!

Keep reading your tablet even if the power goes out.

Jumpstart airplanes

Jumpstart tractors when work really needs to get done.

Inflate pool toys and floatation devices
 in seconds with the optional Pocket Air Pro!

Hikers can generate their own electricity
anywhere in the world

Even Jump Start Helicopters!

Here's What Makes
Generating Huge Amounts Of Electricity Now Possible!

Earlier I mentioned that there's been a recent breakthrough in battery technology. The breakthrough is an advanced type of battery that evolved from the old school lithium-ion batteries.

 These batteries have even more energy density than their predecessors... and can be shaped to almost any size or design needed. That's exactly what makes the device so powerful... yet... so compact and portable.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying:

"My very skeptical husband was aggravated because he's been having to boost the riding mower every time he wanted to use it....so I take him this small charger and he says "that won't work.". When he turned the crank one time... you could see the stress drain out of him. Wow! He was amazed! You've got a customer for life!"
-- Sandy S. from Borderland, WV

"After purchasing many things from you, I have to tell you that the Pocket Power is the best. One of my daughters was having a problem with her car and used the Pocket Power five times in one week to start her car before she could get it into the mechanic.

Needless to say, we are a very happy Pocket Power family." -- Merrily from Las Vegas, NV

"My Pocket Power jumped my son's 3/4 ton diesel truck. Sure enough, it took right off! It made a believer out of him." -- Dan P. from IL

"I jump started my motorhome with a 454 GMC Engine that had not been started in several months. I jump started it not just once, but 4 separate times and all of us were amazed.

"These units are fantastic. They worked just as you stated they would." -- Jim from Las Vegas, NV

What’s really interesting is that changing this new type of battery metal to “tritium” actually created the first man-made nuclear fusion reaction! (That explains some of the power.)

But I think what’s making the big difference is that the batteries are wrapped and “fast-injected” with electrolyte -- it’s what scientists call synergistic. That just means that the sum of the electrical power produced by the whole device is much greater than the individual layers wrapped.

It’s a time-consuming process but so far it’s led to some remarkable achievements and scientists are already powering the next generation of battery-powered electric vehicles.
And get this, these batteries are so powerful that since April 2011...

They Have Been Responsible For Several World Drag Racing Speed Records!

Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube sets the National Hot Rod Association's
Super Pro class world speed record with Altairnano's
new generation of lithium batteries.

Now I hope you see why I'm so excited about the Pocket Power X. In fact it's...

So Powerful Most People Can't Believe Their Eyes When They See It In Action!

Pretty amazing, right? I bet by now you are wondering how much the Pocket Power X costs. Well...

Here's The Deal:

The retail price of the unit is $400.00. However, as one of our preferred customers, you can get this Pocket Power X Solar Generator System for just $189.95 for the next 48 hours only!

Here's Everything You Get With
Your Pocket Power X!

Best Deal: Buy the Pocket Power X Solar Generator System today for only $189.95. (That's a HUGE discount of $210.05 plus... get all the bonuses!)

AND... just to ease your mind, I also want you to know that I am shouldering all the risk until you actually try out the Pocket Power X and see for yourself just how good it really is... with our...

90-Day "Tough-As-Nails"
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's How It Works: Try out the Pocket Power X under any conditions. If it fails to perform as I've described here... or... it breaks or malfunctions in any way, just return it to my office and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund of your full purchase price (less shipping and handling, of course). No hassles. No questions asked.

But that's not all I am going to do! I'm giving you 7 great gifts you'll love as well. 

Today - Special Bonus #1: You get (2) 110 Mobiles

($197 Value each ) - With the 110 Mobile you can power any 110-volt device. Just plug the 110 Mobile into your Pocket Power X and power up any device by simply plugging in... just like you would plug into a wall.

The 110 Mobile provides unprecedented power in this kind of portability.

  • The 110 Mobile has one 110-volt output and one USB output. Run one household device while you're charging another!

  • The compact size allows you to throw it in your pocket, purse or glove compartment so it's always there when you need it. (It's about the size of a standard wallet.)

  • Includes a DC adapter so you can also use it in your car... even without the Pocket Power X.

  • Included storage bag means you never have to worry about misplacing your accessories. (Everything in its right place.)

  • Has a built-in cooling fan so you never risk overheating from continuous use.

Paired with your Pocket Power X, the 110 Mobile is perfect for commuters, travelers, boaters, hikers... heck, there's hardly a situation where this pocket-sized power station won't come in handy

Special Bonus #2: Two USB Super-Lights

($19.95 Value Each - $39.90 Total Value) This super-bright LED powered USB light provides enough light for roadside situations, grid-down crises and just about anything you can dream of. The 3 foot cord makes it easy to get into nearly any hard to reach place to shed a little bit of light.

The USB Super-Light is a great companion to the Pocket Power X and stores in a glove compartment or bug out bag. Yours free with your Pocket Power X order. $39.90 Total Value

You’ll Also Receive Two Of Our 
Hardest-Hitting Digital Reports
— Valued At $70!
Special Bonus #3: Safe Places - Relocation  Manual

This book is a great guide for everything you need to know about strategic relocation. It's full of checklists, questions, resources and strategies that will help you determine not only the safest areas for you and your family... but also... the most livable, considering your unique circumstances. (A $40.00 value)

Special Bonus #4:
How To Cut Your Electric Bills
In Half Report

Cut Your Electric Bills In Half: Slash Your Electric Bill By Up To 50% Starting Immediately (A $30 value)- A hard-hitting eBook guide to where to get an endless supply of free electricity, how to detect and reduce the number of “Energy Vampires” silently sucking power in your home, and why your hot water heater accounts for up to 25% of your home energy bill- plus 2 tips for cutting into its excessive energy demand!

Special Bonus #5:
The 10-Watt PPX Super-Panel

(A $50 value) - The PPX Super-Panel turns your Pocket Power X in to the world’s smallest, most energy-dense solar generator system. Bring it with you to the beach, on a hike, keep it in your roadside emergency kit and you’ll always have backup power anywhere you can find sunlight. It’s a $50 value, but I’m throwing it in for FREE when you by a Pocket Power X today.

Special Bonus #6: Upgraded Unit
Today's Upgrade - 40% More Powerful Unit!

Today, we've decided to upgrade your Pocket Power Plus by a pretty significant factor. Now you can jump start 50 or more cars and trucks instead of just 20... like the smaller unit. This, even in cold weather. Pretty nice! ($75.00 Value)

Special Bonus #7: $100.00 In Heirloom Seeds
20 - $5.00 Packages Of Premium Heirloom Seeds

Total Bonus Value: $728.90


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Chip McDaniels, Warehouse Manager
Powerful Living, Inc.

P.S. The Pocket Power X really is a dream for travel. Whether you’re in a car or on a plane, the Pocket Power X has you covered. And if you take a trip overseas... you’ll still be able to stay charged and connected without having to find a bunch of goofy cords for your devices.

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